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Promotional & Experimental

At Tenpast, we love creative projects and making the impossible, possible. If you have a crazy idea, write it down and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Corporate & private

From the Blue Chip to the luxurious, Tenpast has an experienced team to plan and implement your requirements.

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Festivals & Conferences

Tenpast is able to facilitate all aspects of planning and implementing Festivals and Conferences.

Product Launches

Innovation is beautiful. At Tenpast we love to work with creative and inspired companies. We work closely with you to build the best strategy and platform from which to launch.

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Seasonal Events

Every season has its beauty and with each brings opportunities for a very specific range of events. The seasonal calendar is wide with events celebrated worldwide including; Christmas celebrations, Valentines Day and New Years Eve, the list goes on.

So whether it’s an autumn street market or pop-up festival, we cater for all of these exciting events.

Film Premieres

As the film industry grows, the need to stand out in the right way is an ever increasing necessity. Tenpast has an experienced marketing department and strong links within the film industry to make your film premier electric.

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Charity & Fundraising

Tenpast is passionate about working with and supporting projects and charitable organisations that impact people in fundamental aspects of life. Our talented team is discrete and works with you to every step of the way.

Multi Faith Events

Whether it is a Christian Conference, a bat mitzvah, or other celebration, Tenpast are here to work alongside you and make your event stand out.

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